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Online live courses

With live online courses you can sharpen your skills wherever you are. All courses are held in small groups via Zoom.

In-house or on-site courses

We are bringing the classroom to you or visit our acedemy. Currently, it is possible only on request in Hessen or Rhineland-Palatinate states in Germany.

Why to learn a language with ZENITH lingo?

Seeing clients as organisms who needs to be nurtured

We do not believe in education ‘’the more you produce, the more successful you are’’ can be the right approach to define the success of business. 

  • Needs analysis
    We advise learners what course to enroll in, how to structure and organize their individual learning outside class, which additional sources to use to achieve their language improvement goal.

  • Buissnes analysis
    We analyze your corporate communication strategy, employee background, customer, and partners to tailor a language course program that meets your business’s needs as much as possible.

Efficient language training

We value your time and money spent on booking lessons with us. To this end, anything that you can do on your own outside class time is transferred to homework assignments. We practice what helpls you to build confidence in your chosen language.

We keep an eye on your learning

We monitor and share each learner’s performance to make it possible for you to reach your target.

Benefit from three free consultations where you get personal feedback to help you to better understand how close you are to your target. The best part? It’s already included in your booked course package!

Up to 32%

Online classes group discount

Learn together with other likeminded people and share the cost.

How it works

Just 3 simple steps to language proficiency
  • Explore to find the best way

    Via our online shop you can find your desired course, select a suitable agenda, and enroll in a ready-made online course with just a few clicks.
  • Start the guided journey

    Your learning is not limited to class participation only. We will regularly evaluate your performance and keep you updated about your success.
  • Settle or continue exploration

    By the end, we will give you individual feedback and discuss your further language learning journey.
  • If you have specific needs for a course customization, you simply send us a request through request form. We start building your customized course within 48 hours.

Flexible plans that suits your pocket

All plans include agreed lesson time and can be held either online for everyone, or on-site and in-house for locals. The difference? Customized Courses are 100% tailored to your needs.

Have any questions?

Frequently asked questions

ZENITH lingo

What is ZENITH lingo’s mission?

To facilitate businesses and professionals to grow and maintain their competitive advantage by improving their specialized language skills.

How can I contact customer support?

Don’t hesitate to contact customer support for any question or concern you have. You can contact the team here.

I want to take one of ZENITH lingo classes, but I need to talk to a staff member to get more guidence. Are there possibilities?

Yes, we are more than happy to talk to you personally to answer your questions. For that, you need to book an appointment.

Course Registration

What do I do if there are no classes available?
You can create a class up to 7 days in advance of your selected class date and time. It will get picked up by a teacher later. However, if it is not picked up by the teacher two hours before the class is due to start, it will be cancelled. This will not result in you being disqualified.
When is payment due?

Each course package has its own payment policy. Standard courses will show payment policy on the site. Customized courses have their individual payment rules.

Course Architecture

What is a language course?

A language course at ZENITH lingo is a set of language lessons designed to assist or guide customers to improve their communication skills in a particular language.

What is a lesson?
Time spent with a language teacher to learn a language is a lesson which consist of teaching units.
What is a unit or Teaching Unit?
A unit or teaching unit is 45 minutes.
What is the minimum number of Teaching Units per lesson?
Minimum number of teaching units per lesson is two (2 x 45 minutes) or 90 minutes . Maximum number of teaching units per lesson is eight (8 x 45 minutes) or 360 minutes.
Can I book only one unit per lesson?
Unfortunately, currently we cannot offer only one-unit lesson to our clients.
What is the minimum number of lessons per course?
In group courses, we have determined number of lessons per course.
What equipment do I need to study English online with ZENITH lingo?
We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer as it makes it easier to follow our digital coursebooks. However, you can join online classes simply with your smart phone. We are currently using Zoom for our video lessons, so it is best if you download the Zoom software.

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