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Abitur Englisch

  • 24 teaching units
  • 12 weekly lessons
  • 90 minutes
  • Format: Group (3-8)
  • Place: Online
Course ID: ABIEN_1
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2 units (90 minutes) / 4 units (180 minutes) / 6 units (270 minutes) / 8 units (360 minutes) / 10 units (450 minutes) / 12 units (540 minutes)

25 units (1.125 minutes) distributed to 5 half-day lessons, 5 units (225 minutes) per day

24 units (1.080 minutes) distributed to 3 full-day lessons, 8 units (360 minutes) per day

Abitur Englisch preparation course at ZENITH lingo

ZENITH lingo has developed a special Abitur Englisch preparation course for high school students who are taking their Abitur Englisch exams in Germany in 2023 and 2024.

This course prepares learners exclusively for their final exam. As Abitur Englisch final exam is mainly about writing compositions, the course aims to improve your writing skills. You will enhance your vocabulary related to specific composition topics and better grammar skills most relevant to writing a composition.

Abitur Englisch exams in Germany vary from to state. However, the essential writing skills required from high school students are the same. Our Abitur Englisch course focuses on improving those essential skills. Thus, anyone interested in success in Abitur Englisch can take this course, regardless of the state.

To be well prepared to the test, you need to book a minimum of 24 units.

At ZENITH lingo, we offer Abitur Englisch course both as Standard and Customized courses. Standard courses are announced online and can be booked online. Customized courses, as the name suggests, are tailored for specific needs of clients such as learning intensity, class schedule, and course curriculum.

To customize Abitur Englisch course, you need to scroll up on this page, click on Customize button and fill in the form. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

In what formats can I customize Abitur Englisch preparation course?

You can customize Abitur Englisch preparation course in all formats:


ZENITH lingo language classes take part in one of the following venues:

  • online: For online classes ZENITH lingo uses Zoom platform
  • on-site*: These are locations organized by customers.
  • in-house*: These locations are organized by ZENITH lingo

*available only in Mainz, Germany

Class size:

Class size classification defines number of participants per course.

  • one-to-one: 1 participant only
  • pair: 2 participants
  • small group: 3-5 participants
  • mid-size group: 6-10 participants
  • big group: 11-15 participants


You can choose in what intensity you would like to take your preparation course.

  • Weekly courses consist of 24 units (1.080 minutes) distributed to 12 lessons; 2 units (90 minutes) per lesson without a break. Each lesson is offered weekly. That means each booking lasts 12 weeks.
  • Intensive courses consist of 24 units (1.080 minutes) distributed to 3 full-day lessons; 8 units (360 minutes) per day with four 15 minutes coffee breaks and one-hour lunch break per day.
  • Semi-intensive courses consist of 25 units (1.125 minutes) distributed to 5 half-day lessons; 5 units (225 minutes) per day with one 15 minutes coffee break.

Interested or have questions? Just send us your request through the request form on this page. We will take care of the rest.

Do you prefer to use your e-mail? Then send an e-mail to the following address: info(at)


What is a language course?
A language course at ZENITH lingo is a set of language lessons designed to assist or guide customers to improve their communication skills in a particular language.
What is a lesson?
Time spent with a language teacher to learn a language is a lesson which consist of teaching units.
What is a unit or teaching unit?
A unit or teaching unit is 45 minutes.
What is the minimum number of teaching units per lesson?
Minimum number of teaching units per lesson is two (2 x 45 minutes) or 90 minutes. Maximum number of teaching units per lesson is eight (8 x 45 minutes) or 360 minutes.
Can I book only one unit per lesson?
Unfortunately, currently we cannot offer only one-unit lesson to our clients.
What is the minimum number of lessons per course?
In group courses, we have determined number of lessons per course.
What equipment do I need to study English online with ZENITH lingo?
We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer as it makes it easier to follow our digital coursebooks. However, you can join online classes simply with your smart phone. We are currently using Zoom for our video lessons, so it is best if you download the Zoom software.

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